Umati “Brise-Plus”

A 33 cm long and 350 g instrument whose strength lies in its all-purpose nature.  Despite its manoeuvrability, it is heavy enough to have a deep and profound effect. An ideal instrument to take with you for outdoor use.


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The Umati “Brise-Plus” has an enormous range of possible applications. Its strength lies in its diversity. It is manoeuvrable enough for precision and heavy enough for deep action, so it is an ideal instrument to take with you on outdoor missions. The stainless steel spokes are 1 mm in diameter, and the instrument is about 330 mm long, weighing 350 g. The middle spokes of the instrument made of copper are held by stainless steel spokes. The thin, elastic metal rods are bundled by two copper rings, which also form a handle. Wrapped with silk and rattan, this fits very well in the hand.

The use of Umati “Brise-Plus” is comparable to that of Umati “Sturm” and is also suitable for treating larger regions of the body as well as smaller areas. Due to its lighter weight and smaller format, Umati “Brise-Plus” is particularly suitable for use on the move or in the private sphere.

The vibration of Umati “Brise-Plus” is transmitted to the body through tapping and hitting techniques that can be varied in intensity and tempo. The effect of the treatment is immediately perceivable, tensions in the musculature are noticeably released, blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated, body awareness and perception are considerably improved. Even after a short application, the patient feels equally relaxed and pleasantly revitalised.

Technical Data


Length: 12,99 in
Weight: 12,35 oz
Material: Stainless Steel, Copper, Rattan
Spokes: approx. 120 made of stainless steel, 3 made of copper
Country of manufacture: Germany, handmade



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