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The UMATI is an indispensable supplement for masseurs when treating the entire body as well as when performing tapping techniques. It has a very profound effect on the body tissues.

Aleksej Zasuhin

trained teacher of Tibetan medicine, physiotherapist, inventor and developer of the Umati

Many patients and clients prefer direct skin contact during massage. Skin contact with masseurs has been shown to help reduce stress, release endorphins, stimulate the immune system and contribute to an overall increased sense of wellbeing. Skin contact between masseurs and their patients builds trust and is often used at the beginning of a therapeutic treatment to calm and ground the patient. The benefits of direct skin contact in massage are obvious.

Nevertheless, the UMATI is an ideal complement and extension of the existing range of treatments, especially for massage therapists. The UMATI is not in competition with classical forms of massage. Rather, the UMATI complements and expands them, refines them and arouses curiosity. Your patients will understand the UMATI as a ritual companion that can initiate or round off the treatment. If your patients have taken a fancy to the UMATI, treatments in which the UMATI is the sole focus may be appropriate. Your experience as a massage therapist will show you ways to integrate the UMATI individually into the treatments, depending on the type of clients and their needs.

There are also certain cases in massage practice where the use of UMATI is even essential for reaching maximum effect. For example, in sensitisation or desensitisation. UMATI is an important adjuvant tool when working on areas of the body with large and dense muscle and fat tissue where simple handwork is difficult and does not produce the desired effect. Or conversely, when working on hypersensitive areas, where any touch with the hands causes negative reactions, treatment with UMATI enables a quick and effective desensitisation of the tissue and prepares this area of the body for further necessary treatments.

One of the many advantages of UMATI is that even deep-seated tensions, where manual treatment may well be perceived as uncomfortable, can be tapped without physical exertion and still be painless for the patient.


The main advantage of UMATI is that it relieves the hands and fingers of the massage therapist, and at the same time has a deep effect on the body. The invariably heavily strained hands can relax in the meantime.

When tapping, UMATI creates a deep, painless vibration through its gentle but deeply felt impact on the body. This “dissolves” and expands solidified areas of the body and at the same time relaxes the muscles. The blood circulation and the nerve pathways in the affected area become stimulated and receive new feedback to the immune system. In addition, the different types of stimuli such as pressure and tissue stretching improve metabolism, blood circulation and lymph flow.

The UMATI expands the range of techniques and methods of a massage therapist considerably and thereby elevates his or her competence in the eyes of the patient. There are techniques that work very well for some people and less so for others: for various reasons – age, ethical and religious attitudes (for example, the patient does not want to remove clothing) . In many of these cases, UMATI effectively eliminates the problem and at the same time offers something new to the patient.

There are many massage methods and devices where the therapeutic effect is not perceivable. After the first treatment with the UMATI, the benefits are immediately noticeable for the patient and the therapist alike. Try it out by registering for one of our monthly seminars.

The choice of different UMATI models offers the possibility to work according to the individual requirements of each patient – whether adults, children, and / or depending on size and physique. The treatment with the individually matched UMATI soon appeals to the patients.

The UMATI is an instrument that allows imaginative use.  It brings creativity and a playful element to the work. The soundscape produced by the UMATI during use lie between rustling and ringing. This is due to the wide range of frequencies in which the device vibrates. The tapping rhythm, the sound and the vibrations can be changed easily to create different kinds of melodies and associations and even induce hypnotic effects in a relaxed, sometimes trance-like state.

As UMATI has a powerful therapeutic effect on the patient, it is also an excellent fitness coachfor the physiotherapist. While working with UMATI, the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and the abdominal muscles are exercised.  By using UMATI instead of the hands, the therapist transfers the load from small (thin) muscles and joints to larger ones. This is how the UMATI has a significant healing effect on the therapist – after four-five months of regular use, muscle and joint pain disappear.

The use of UMATI allows you to keep your distance when necessary and to completely eliminate manual contact with the patient (very important under the conditions of the Corona pandemic, or when working with patients with herpes or other diseases transmitted by contact).

The UMATI is easy to take with you wherever you go and can therefore be used outside the therapist’s practice, e.g. for home visits or outdoor.

The UMATI helps to expand and diversify traditional techniques and methods, which leads to more creativity in treatment and better therapeutic results. The better the results, the more you enjoy your work, the more you work with enthusiasm, the more professional you become.

The UMATI is far less expensive than most vibration massage devices. It has an almost unlimited life span if properly maintained and does not require any additional supplies (creams, oils, additional parts for size or speed and components such as filters, etc.). In addition to the higher level of performance and the wide range of therapeutic uses, the UMATI is clearly better from an economic point of view.


Learn more about UMATI in practice application. We offer seminars and webinars where you can see the therapy instrument in action and try it out. Convince yourself of UMATI!