Umati “Orkan”

A 50 cm long and 1750 g instrument whose high own weight offers the possibility to treat deep-seated body structures.




The Umati “Orkan” is the heaviest instrument in the Umati family. Made of elastic stainless steel spokes with a diameter of 2 millimetres, it has a weight of 1750 g and a length of 500 mm. A bundle of stainless steel spokes captures the central copper spokes. Also made of copper are the two wide rings that bundle the spokes and connect to a sturdy handle. This handle is wrapped in silk and rattan and fits very well in the hand.

Despite the weight, the application requires relatively little force because the elastic spokes spring back as soon as they hit the body. The treatment is completely painless for the patient. Nevertheless, its high own weight enables it to treat even deep-seated parts of the body.

The Umati “Orkan” achieves its full potential when treating parts of the bone or when used on patients weighing 90kg or more. The instrument is particularly suitable for treatments in which larger parts of the musculoskeletal system are to be treated. The vibrations of the instrument, which are generated by hitting and tapping, not only spread over a large area, but also penetrate noticeably deep into the body. Comparable to a deep-reaching massage, tensions and hardening of the muscles are loosened painlessly and yet effectively. Blood circulation and lymph flow are noticeably increased even with a short application: the patient immediately feels a relaxing and invigorating effect.

Technical Data


Length: 19,69 in
Weight: 61,72 oz
Material: Stainless Steel, Copper, Rattan
Spokes: approx. 100 made of stainless steel, 7 made of copper
Country of manufacture: Germany, handmade



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