Umati “Sturm”

A 50 cm long and 1085 g instrument that can be used on the entire body. The wide contact surface offers effective treatments on large body regions, e.g. on the pelvis, shoulders.




The UMATI “Sturm” is the classic among the UMATI instruments. Elastic metal spokes with a diameter of 1.5 mm are used for its manufacture. With a weight of 1.085 g, it reaches a length of 500 mm. The middle spokes of the instrument are made of copper and are captured by stainless steel spokes. Two wide copper rings bundle the elastic rods and form the handle at one end. Wrapped in rattan, it fits comfortably in the hand.

The UMATI “Sturm” can be effectively applied to the entire body. It offers the user a wide range of application possibilities that can be controlled by the intensity and tempo of the hits to the body. The resulting stimuli such as pressure, stretching and vibration penetrate from the surface of the body through the muscles to the bone marrow and stimulate fasciae, trigger points, reflex zones and meridians at the same time. Already during the first application one feels the release of muscular tension on different levels of the body tissue, the stimulation of blood circulation and the improvement of body perception. The UMATI “Sturm” can be used on large areas as well as for the treatment of precisely selected parts of the body.

The range of recommended tapping techniques is wide. It ranges from firm hits that penetrate deep into the tissue to a light, electrifying stimulation of the body’s surface produced solely by the vibrating instrument. All in all, treatment with the UMATI “Sturm” has an equally relaxing and invigorating effect. The UMATI “Sturm” can be used as a stand-alone therapy or as a supplement to any manual measures.


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