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Patient therapy

The UMATI combines the advantages of many individual, traditional and time-honoured applications in patient therapy in a single treatment instrument.

As a trained therapist, you already set targeted impulses within the framework of established forms of therapy: warm or cold impulses, stimulus impulses, vibration or manual impulses. With the UMATI you can take this approach even further and specifically (individually according to patient type and complaints) set impulses that are then transmitted to the body and penetrate deep into the tissues. Tensions can be loosened and stress relieved, body perception and bodily functions improved, the immune system strengthened and the general well-being increased.

Again, your experience and existing package of treatments will inform you in which concepts you can incorporate the UMATI. Furthermore, the UMATI sees itself as a living, evolving treatment concept. Existing services offered in patient therapy such as bio-resonance therapy, herbal therapy, kinesiology, osteopathy and other health care applications can be individually and conceptually expanded to include the UMATI.


With the UMATI, you as a physiotherapist can complement breathing, movement and exercise therapies, optimise massage applications, expand treatment plans and invigorate physical treatment.


For massage therapists in particular, the UMATI is an ideal addition and extension to the existing range of treatments. The UMATI is not in competition with classical forms of massage. Rather, the UMATI complements and expands them, refines them and arouses curiosity.


The UMATI works on the level of vibration and thus on the level of energy. Motion generates energy. With the UMATI, you as a practitioner can open up a new range of treatments for your patients with only a small physical effort.

The UMATI eases the burden on you as a therapist, because the treatment method requires the use of the upper arm and wrist, rather than the strength of the fingers and hands. By doing so, you preserve your personal energy and strength. At the same time, you can draw your customers into a new world of sound and energy, thereby enriching their experience.


UMATI is an excellent alternative to classical massage and manual therapy when an effect is necessary but the possibility of manual contact is not available or limited (when the patient does not want to undress or does not like massage oils and creams) or when the therapist is limited in time. UMATI is an indispensable adjuvant tool in situations where it is necessary to limit or eliminate personal hand contact and increase the distance between patient and therapist.  For example, to initiate therapy with patients who do not like to be touched or in “sensitive” areas that are difficult to reach with contact therapy.

UMATI is very effective in manual therapy and massage for desensitised patients and in areas of the body with large and dense muscle and fat tissue where simple manual work is difficult and shows no effect.

UMATI is one of the most important instruments for manual therapy and massage when desensitising the patient, especially when working on the feet and ribs. UMATI enables the quick and effective removal of tissue hypersensitivity in highly sensitive areas to prepare the body for further treatment.

UMATI is an effective adjuvant tool for quickly warming up the tissues before physiotherapy exercises begin and for relaxing and soothing the muscles afterwards.In addition, UMATI makes these healing procedures very pleasant and emotionally appealing for the patient, which further increases the effectiveness of the training.

UMATI is an excellent adjuvant tool in trigger point therapy. The healing method is based on the technique of acupressure and consists of applying pressure to painful points on the muscle to release the pain at these spots. Painful points are an inflammation of the internal connective tissue caused by muscle contraction and lack of oxygen in the cells, which in turn affects the function of nerve nodes located in different parts of the muscle tissue. Neutralising the painful points leads to a significant reduction in pain and increases the overall amplitude of muscle movement. UMATI is applied immediately after pressing the pain point to relax the muscle, promote blood flow and quickly eliminate the pain. This treatment results in a rush of oxygen to the muscle, eliminating the pain in the long term.

Various external and internal impulses create a certain emotion in a person. A persistent or recurring emotion can then develop into a mood, which in turn can develop into a posture that matches the person’s mood. This attitude later becomes stereotypically habitual because there is a mental block that prevents a person from getting rid of the recurring emotion. And this is the reason for various contractions of the muscles and tissues, as well as various stagnations. As a result, the energy in the body stops flowing, the blood circulation, the lymph flow and the circulation of various other fluids deteriorate. The alternative practitioner uses various pull and pressure techniques to bring the bones and muscles into a certain position and state, thus gradually correcting misalignments (which often cause pain to the patient). UMATI allows for a very deep vibrational effect that particularly engages bones and muscles that are difficult or impossible to reach with the hands. This speeds up the process of posture correction considerably and makes it more effective and painless for the patient.

Your experience and first exercises with the UMATI invite you to get creative. Let your treatment experience slip into it. Consider the UMATI as your extended arm and as an offer to your patients to open up to a holistic treatment technique.


Simply put some disinfectant spray or agent on a soft cloth and rub it over the UMATI. You can watch this here.

The use together with oil is not recommended, as the UMATI is applied to the body in a tapping motion. Frictions, rolling and kneading, where the oil normally helps to provide an even movement of the skin, do not take place.

There is no difference in terms of effect. However, some clients find the bars cold at the beginning of the treatment on naked skin. Adjust the treatment to how your patients feel. Heated patients, on the other hand, who need a cooling treatment, may find the UMATI pleasant on bare skin.

Contraindications with implants are not known.

Yes. The UMATI is available in different versions and strengths. The “breeze” model, for example, is suitable for the treatment of children.

Umati is very effective in tapping massage. In contrast to other massage techniques, tapping massage only touches the surface of the tissue and indirectly loosens it through local vibrations.


Learn more about UMATI in practice application. We offer seminars and webinars where you can see the therapy instrument in action and try it out. Convince yourself of UMATI!