UMATI Basic Seminar for Patient Therapy

Date:    Saturday, April 30, 2022,  12.00 – 15.00

Location:         Leonhardtstraße 20, 14057 Berlin, UMAHAUS



The UMATI Basic Seminar for physiotherapists, masseurs and alternative practitioners introduces the UMATI Professional – a new, safe and pain-free instrument for physiotherapy alternative medicine and massage. We tell you about its features, characteristics and advantages and show you how to use it most effectively in your practice. You can try out the different UMATI models in action yourself and learn to evaluate them.


  • Assembly of the participants, presentation of the UMATI instruments
  • Remedies from/for physiotherapists
  • Properties and effect of the UMATI
  • Treatment with the UMATI
  • Testing the different UMATI models
  • Information on when and where the use of the UMATI is particularly effective
  • Information on how the UMATI can complement or help to use other physiotherapy techniques more effectively
  • Information on what a physiotherapist, masseur or alternative practitioner uses the UMATI for (benefits and advantages)
  • How to care for the UMATI instrument


Physiotherapists, masseurs and alternative practitioners with appropriate professional training as well as students of physiotherapeutic educational institutions can participate in the seminar.

When purchasing an UMATI instrument, participation in the seminar is free of charge.


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