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The element of wind is the central principle of the UMATI therapy concept. Wind means motion, vibration, and motion means life. By regulating motion in the body, we restore vital functions and revitalise our body. Therefore, UMATI instruments are called after winds and correspond to the respective impact force of a particular wind.

Aleksej Zasuhin

trained teacher of Tibetan medicine, physiotherapist, inventor and developer of the UmatiI

UMATI Professional is a physiotherapeutic instrument for manual use by physiotherapists in practice and for private use of instructed patients at home. It can also be used for wellness therapy purposes, to accompany and intensify massage treatments or for other wellness purposes.

Each instrument consists of more than one hundred elastic metal rods whose lower ends are formed into a handle by pressing them together by means of two metal rings. The remaining part is fanned out like a besom.

Characteristics of UMATI Professional


The UMATI has a paradoxical softness. Externally, it gives the impression of a hard metal instrument. However, due to the tension in this instrument (the so-called spring force), which is created by a special grouting and assembly procedure, it has a very soft effect on the body. The spring force increases both the contact area and the staggered time of impact (or force transfer to the body). This means that the first rods of the bundle touch the body much earlier than the last ones. This increases the effect of the vibration intensity. And even a hit with relatively high force produced by a masseur or physiotherapist with the UMATI is found by the patient to be pleasant, soft and pain-free.

The sounds produced by UMATI Professional during use are between rustling and ringing. This is due to the instrument’s wide range of vibrational frequencies. Rhythm, sound and vibration can evoke a variety of associations and even have a hypnotic effect on a person. This leads them into a relaxed, sometimes trance-like state.

Intended use of UMATI Professional

The aim of the application of UMATI Professional is the treatment and prevention of local and general stagnation by applying percussive, virbatory, thermal, acoustic, visual (aesthetic) effects to the body. When the body is tapped with the product, the UMATI Professional Instrument creates a deep, yet painless vibration through a gentle or even stronger impact on the body. This vibration releases tension by distributing it from condensed areas of the body while the muscles are being relaxed. The blood circulation in the respective area is stimulated. The immune system receives the signal from the once blocked area to remove disturbing substances in the body.

When the body is tapped, different types of excitation occur, such as pressure, stretching and vibration. They penetrate through the skin down to the bone marrow and set fluid in motion at the cellular level . This improves metabolism, blood circulation and lymph flow.

Stimulation of receptors influences haptic perception, surface and depth sensitivity. It improves the ability to perceive the position of the limbs and the whole body in space, the ability to perceive and control movements of one’s own body, and the ability to perceive information based on the activity of organs, pain sensation and temperature.

The use of UMATI™ Professional in the treatment and prevention of diseases ensures a better perception of one’s own body and a healthy posture.

UMATI™ Professional also offers the possibility to treat deep areas that are inaccessible to massage, as well as “sensitive” areas that are difficult to treat in contact therapy (e.g. in the groin, pubic bone or coccyx) without getting too close to the patients and without touching their hands.

A stimulating or calming effect can be achieved during application. The type and degree of exposure may be stimulating or calming depending on the model, application technique, duration and frequency of procedures.

How the UMATI instrument is maintained

One of the great advantages of UMATI is its almost unlimited lifespan. Once the instrument has been paid for, you can use it for as long as you like. All you have to do is take care of it properly:

1. It is important to clean and disinfect the instrument from time to time. Simply put some disinfectant spray or agent on a soft cloth and rub it over the UMATI. An instruction video shows you how to do this.

2. It is necessary to align the rods of the instrument regularly. You can do it yourself with a special alignment tool that you can buy in our online shop. An instruction video shows you how to do it. You can also bring or send the instrument to our technical workshop. We will be happy to do this for you. The cleaning and alignment of UMATI costs only 29 euros.