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The treatment with the UMATI™ Professional is carried out via controlled, rhythmic taps on targeted areas of the body. Both local and systemic effects are achieved. The fanning of the UMATI distributes the weight of the device over a large surface area, creating a pain-free but deeply felt sensation. Its elasticity and conductivity generate vibrations in the tissues. Effectiveness depends on the speed and intensity of the taps. Slow and gentle taps have a soothing effect on the body, while fast and strong taps have a stimulating effect. Using the UMATI also produces sounds that create a special ambience. The rhythmical sounds are perceived as pleasant and are part of a positively remembered experience.

Depending on the user’s level of experience, the UMATI will gradually unfold its full potential and versatile areas of application.

UMATI invites you as a practitioner to become creative and develop your own individual techniques.

Enhance your physiotherapeutic treatments with UMATI tapping techniques. As a beautician, complement your facial massage with this service to produce an anti-ageing effect. Athletes can quickly relax heavily stressed muscle groups. In Wellness, there are virtually no limits to the use of the UMATI. The areas of application are not limited to certain patient or client groups.


The areas of application of the UMATI are broad and range from its use in classic relaxation massage to supporting cosmetic treatments or even massaging larger pets such as dogs or horses.

Following, we present some areas of application and professional groups that can complement, optimise and expand their treatments with the UMATI.


The device is ideal for physical therapy and massage, to regulate tension, blood and energy supply and to improve body consciousness. With advancing knowledge, fascia treatments and more refined use such as periosteal massages become possible. Experienced physical therapists can apply targeted visceral stimuli. Even complex, systemic diseases or pronounced nervous disorders can be treated by therapists with


Is self-administration with the UMATI possible? Yes. The rhythmic tapping is a matter of practice, which can be learned in a short time. This allows even laypeople to use the tool for simple dermal blood flow and muscle relaxation. Enjoy the UMATI after a long day at work to drive fatigue from the body, muscles and limbs or use it to prepare for meditation. It is great


Detoxifying and revitalising tissue and facial massages already accompany beauty treatments. It is standard practice for both the beautician and the client to reinforce the anti-ageing effects of a facial treatment with a manual lymphatic drainage or a pressure point massage. Similarly, the UMATI helps to support and intensify beauty treatments.


Regular exercise is part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, sports injuries, muscle cramps, strains, pulls, and spasms hold many sports people back. Gently prepare the body for exercise with the UMATI to loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. It helps athletes to improve muscle elasticity, reduce the risk of over-stretching and increases physical speed and


Working with animals requires a high degree of empathy and experience. Animals signal through their posture, their behaviour or restlessness in their sequence of motion whether they are suffering from physical or psychological stress. With the UMATI, we can help our animals to relax without using a lot of physical exertion.


Rhythmic strokes with the UMATI cause the tissue to vibrate in a directed manner, which has a stimulating effect on the tissue. This activates the existing fluids in all tissue layers, congestions and adhesions such as adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) can be released.
For quite some time now, vibrating equipment has been used to build muscles, improve posture and achieve an effective, focused workout. You will know this from the field of physical exercise and physiotherapy, where “Whole Body Vibration (WBV)”, Matrix or “(bio-) mechanical stimulation (BMS)” or “(bio-) mechanical oscillation” is used successfully. It is scientifically proven that vibration therapy is great against muscle and bone atrophy (cf. “Berlin BedRest” study). The UMATI makes gentle use of the vibration effect, but beyond that, it is ideal for relaxation and regeneration.
The vibration stimulates the muscles, receptors, and deep tissue layers. Without consciously taking action, the body receives the vibration that is emitted by the UMATI and reacts to it. The vibrations trigger muscle reflexes without conscious control.

The metal rods of the UMATI have high elasticity and good heat conductivity. Tapping the body with it creates a deep, painless vibration in the body due to the evenly distributed impact of the device. This vibration stimulates blood circulation and disturbed substances in the body can be removed by the stimulated lymph flow.

The body is holistically stimulated and switched to “activity” at the cellular level. This can also lead to an improvement or stimulation of the metabolism.

It has long been known that defence cells are activated by relaxing the mind and tissues. Depending on the type of application and the experience of the therapist, the UMATI can be used in an activating or calming way. As with any massage treatment, this relaxation effect can in turn lead to a strengthening of the immune system.

Through the use of modern technologies, it is becoming more and more common that interpersonal contacts no longer take place in the real world, but are shifted to the virtual world, e.g. through telephone meetings instead of face-to-face meetings. In schools, online lessons are increasingly taking place, the physically present teacher seems to be dispensable more and more often. Many people find it increasingly difficult to find their “place” in life and thus also “themselves”.
Treatment with the UMATI creates dynamic processes in the body and also enriches our senses with new kinds of sound and emotional experiences. One’s own body perception is strengthened, the body awareness can be improved by “feeling the vibrations”.

The UMATI can be used in many ways. Therapy concepts can be supplemented or expanded with the UMATI. In general, the rhythm, sound and vibration can improve one’s own body awareness and calm streams of thought. The majority of our patients find the treatment beneficial and relaxing.The UMATI enables a treatment that can promote and strengthen the trust between therapist and patient.

The UMATI is a treatment instrument that can be used primarily in a regenerative and prophylactic way. Existing therapy concepts can be supplemented or expanded. However, its use can also be isolated as a massage and relaxation technique. Chronic disorders can be treated with it and the prevention of long-term disease patterns is also part of the treatment pathway.

Acute states cannot and should not be treated with the UMATI. In case of acute medical conditions, consult a doctor.


UMATI™ Professional is available in four versions, which differ in size and weight. Each instrument has a unique mode of action that is applied in a wide variety of treatments. The different versions enable a differentiated therapeutic application, but also complement each other in their effectiveness.


The Strong
A 50 cm long and 1 750 g instrument whose high own weight offers the possibility to treat deep-seated body structures. The UMATI “ORKAN” reaches its full potential when treating bones or when used on patients with a lot of tissue.


The Classic
A 50 cm long and 1 085 g instrument that can be used on the entire body. The wide contact surface offers effective treatments on large body regions, e.g. on the pelvis, shoulders. The UMATI “Sturm” can be used as a stand-alone therapy or as a supplement to any manual measures.


The Allrounder
A 33 cm long and 350 g instrument whose strength lies in its all-purpose nature.  Despite its manoeuvrability, it is heavy enough to have a deep and profound effect. An ideal instrument to take with you for outdoor use.


The Precise
A 31 cm long and 175 g instrument that is particularly suitable for precise work. Its slim shape and low weight allow treatments on sensitive areas of the body, such as the head and neck. For this, the UMATI “Brise” is ideal.